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                    2015: Worlds Longest Radish (88" or 2.2 Meters) (Record Broken)    
                    2017: Worlds Heaviest Chilli Pepper (348g)  (Record Broken)
                    2019: Worlds Heaviest Beetroot (23.995kg) (Current Record)

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Vegetables During Lockdown

During these times of uncertainty and lockdown due to Covid-19, growing your own has never been so popular. There has been a huge increase in the applications for allotments as well as shortages of gardening supplies. 


Growing fresh healthy vegetables helps people in a number of ways. Most importantly it improves people's overall health and wellbeing improving your mental health and providing a comforting challenge during these unprecedented times. 


The Giant Veg Family have helped provide seeds and compost to local community members to allow them to grow vegetables in their gardens.  Its been a truly intergenerational project. Ultimately growing their own has helped people to save trips to the supermarkets and keeping them occupied with outdoor activities.

Kevin took the time and effort just before lockdown realising that times ahead would be tough to go out and provide neighbours and local community members seeds and compost, seeds such as carrots, cabbage, lettuce, onions and much more.

We urge everyone to stay safe and most importantly to remain healthy and strong together in times of need.

We encourage more and more people to start growing at home, not only for the fun and enjoyment it brings growing together as a family, but to bring some sustainability to food production within the household.


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