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                    2015: Worlds Longest Radish (88" or 2.2 Meters) (Record Broken)    
                    2017: Worlds Heaviest Chilli Pepper (348g)  (Record Broken)
                    2019: Worlds Heaviest Beetroot (23.995kg) (Current Record)

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Ian & Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg has picked up some advice from a record-breaking vegetable grower after inviting the Welshman to his Cardiff gig.

The rap star offered 68-year-old Ian Neale tickets to the show in a YouTube video posted last week.

Mr Neale, from Newport, told Sky News he gave Snoop tips on growing a "better root system", but admitted he wasn't a fan of his music.

Last month, the Welshman's 38.8kg (6st) swede broke the world record.

"We gave him some tips. There's a chemical on the market that's natural and encourages a better root system.

"He's just interested in how we grow the stuff and how we could improve his. We gave him a website number of a friend and we left it at that."

Mr Neale said Saturday's show, at the Motorpoint Arena in Cardiff, was an "experience" but that he wouldn't have paid to see it.

Snoop wore a Welsh rugby shirt during his 10-minute meeting with the retired farmer.

In Snoop's original YouTube invitation to Mr Neale, the rapper congratulated him on his world record and said he wanted to know his "secret".

"I do vegetation myself," added the 39-year-old star.


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