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How to Grow a Giant Carrot

Below is a picture of Ian Neale's 2013 UK Record Carrot weighing 8.61kg (18.81lb)


Below is a Carrot weighing just under 14lb.  Find out below how to grow one to this size





At the beginning of March, sow giant carrot seeds in a mixture of compost and vermiculite and a little 6 month osmocote feed.  Place the toilet rolls in a 3" pot and put in a little bit of compost to fill the pot half way.  Place on a heated propogator and cover with polystyrene.




Check the carrots daily and as soon as you see the seeds appear,  they then need to be placed in a greenhouse/tunnel.  This means that the root will not be at the bottom of the pot and the tap root will not be affected in its growth.  Once germinated, they can be planted out/inside but you will need to cover with a cloche outside and fleece inside

Top Tip - Save your toilet rolls a sustainable way to avoid using plastic


Planting in tunnel

Dig out a hole that is approximately 15" squared and 15" deep. We have decided to place them in barrels raised off the ground in the picture below



The hole needs to be filled with a "special" mixture.  Our mixture consists of compost, vermiculite, perlite, Rootgrow, Vitax Q4, Calcified seaweed, carboante of lime, sulphate of potash, magnesium and superphosphate.



Mix compost two weeks before filling holes. This allows for the compost to warm up.

Fill holes with compost at beginning of March.

Plant Carrots at the end of March in barrels or in the holes dug in the ground




Feed with weak mixture of Maxicrop every 10 days for 6 weeks

Mid April move on to a general liquid feed such as Vitax 101 / 102

Do not allow the carrot to dry out as this will cause it to split.




Check for red spider mite, green/blackfly and spray periodically with preventative bug Killer available from most major chains and garden centres

Good Luck and please check to purchase seeds