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Massive marrow weighing 72kg 159 pounds




Learn how to grow one here!

How to Grow a Giant Swede



Snoop Dogg wanted to know the secrets and Ian's swede in 2011 weighing just over 38.92kg (85.12lb)  His secrets remain the same but in 2013 he grew a monster weighing 54kg just over 120lbs



How did Ian Neale's grow this monster. Read below his Top Tips


Ian started off his swede seeds at the beginning of March in a warm greenhouse with a night temperature of 50 degrees.

Two seeds were planted 1/2" deep in 3.5" pots.  They germinated in 10 days in a mixture of potting compost and vermiculite.

The compost was kept moist.

Preparation of ground prior to planting

The ground was prepared the last week of March 2011, with a controlled release fertiliser and this was put down using a sq meter grid to ensure consistency.


Ian used the following slow release fertilisers (250grams of each) -

Scotts Osmocote 3-4 month 16-9-12 and 5-6 month 15-9-12

Granular Boron was diluted at the rate of 1oz to 4 gallons (1 gallon was used per grid)

Planting in ground


The plants were hardened off in a cold Keder tunnel for a week at the end of March. They were then planted into the ground and watered in.

Looking after the plants

Care was taken during the growing season by Ian for mildew and pests (caterpillars, whitefly, greenfly and cabbage rootfly)

During the growing season the swedes developed cabbage rootfly. Ian watered the swedes with armillatox and this did the trick. (think it must have been the strong odour from the armillatox)

During the season, Ian ensured that the swede plants never dried out as this is when they are susceptible to splitting and ultimately going rotten.

Care was taken by Ian to remove the yellowing swede leaves and pull these away from the plant before they go rotten.  This is Ian's top tip

The swede was watered with magnesium and manganese about five times throughout the growing season.  (packets of sequestrian plant tonic containing trace elements for amateur gardeners)

The day of reckoning Thursday 1st September 2011

The swede was dug up after 26 weeks in September 2011 and was weighed in at the Bath and West Showground weigining a collossal 38.92kg beating Scott Robb from Alaska's previous record of 37.6kg


Where Next???

Ian's target in 2011 was to break the 100lb barrier.  He smashed it in 2013 with a whopper weighing 54kg just over 120 pounds.  If you are interested in purchasing seeds please visit here



Below is a picture of Jamie with our 2011 swede weighing 29kg


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