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                    2015: Worlds Longest Radish (88" or 2.2 Meters) (Record Broken)    
                    2017: Worlds Heaviest Chilli Pepper (348g)  (Record Broken)
                    2019: Worlds Heaviest Beetroot (23.995kg) (Current Record)

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How did Peter Glazebrook Grow the World's largest Potato

The World's largest Potato was grown in 2011 by Peter Glazebrook weighing 4.98kg (10.98 lb )


Firstly at the middle of April, the seed potato is chitted and is potted up to grow on in the heated greenhouse, giving an early start.


By the end of May, the potato is planted out into an enclosed raised bed, with protection from late frosts.  The ground should be prepared with a granular fertilizer. Select any standard vegetable fertilizer with a low amount of nitrogen. The nutrient encourages foliage production, which is undesirable in potato plants.  Select a feed with a higher percentage of phosphorous

It is important that the growing tops are supported.  The potatoes are grown in an environment with open sides but with roof cover still on.  This cover helps to control watering and provides some protection against blight.


Throughout the growing season every effort is made to try and reduce each plant to 1 tuber.  It's easier to do this in a raised bed but still difficult.










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