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Below are some of the successes using our seeds.  You can find seeds as well as sundries at www.giantvegseeds.com


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Ian Chant from Radstock Near Bath in 2015 has grown the Runner Bean below to 30.5" and it's still growing


Thank you Giant Veg for the seed.  This is the longest I have ever grown, and a first time for Giant Veg.Thanks for all the Likes, amazed so many from around the world from the Facebook Community. https://www.facebook.com/groups/giantvegetablecommunity


James Mcpadden from the USA successfully grew a 3.13kg tomato in 2014 with seed supplied by Giant Veg - Well Done James



Dale Toten, from the Ston Easton Park Hotel has grown a monster marrow weighing in excess of 120lbs in September 2014.  Incredibly, this was his first year growing and he is amazed at the capability of the seeds