Royal Welsh Show 2019 (In person) and 2020 (Virtual)

In 2019 we were invited to give a talk and demonstration on growing Giant Veg and kitchen Garden Veg at the Royal Welsh Show.  We also featured on ITV Wales New with Kylie Pentelow and she was dwarfed by the Giant Cabbage In 2020, the Royal Welsh went virtual and we gave a tour of […]


Mycorr Giant Veg Mycorrgiantveg and Instant Compost Tea with added Iron Nano are a winning combination and have been used to help to achieve more than 6 Guinness World Records and 6 German Records.  The main benefits of MycorrGiantVeg are that it is extremely beneficial to plants. It provides: Bigger Yields 100% Natural Ingredients Increased […]

How did Peter Glazebrook Grow the World’s largest Potato

How did Peter Glazebrook Grow the World’s largest Potato Firstly at the middle of April, the seed potato is chitted and is potted up to grow on in the heated greenhouse, giving an early start. By the end of May, the potato is planted out into an enclosed raised bed, with protection from late frosts.  The ground […]

How to Grow a Giant Beetroot

How To Grow A Giant Beetroot Below is a picture of our World Record Breaking Giant Beetroot that weighed a colossal 23.995kg, just under 53 pounds in weight Read below to find out how we managed to achieve this record-breaking vegetable. Sowing Beetroot seeds are planted at the beginning of March in a heated greenhouse.  […]