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How to Grow a Giant Beetroot

Below is a picture of our 39lb beetroot harvested in October 2011 - Read below to find out how we grow Giant Beetroot


To give you a comparison, below is a picture of Jamie harvesting garden globe beetroot



Beetroot seeds are planted at the beginning of March 1/2" deep in 3.5" pots (cover with polystyrene) in a warm greenhouse. We usually plant two seeds per pot to ensure that there is germination in each pot.

In around 10-14 days, under a heated sand bench, the beetroot will start to appear.



Preparation of ground prior to planting

The ground was prepared the last week of March 2011, with a controlled release fertiliser and this was put down using a sq meter grid to ensure consistency.

We use the following slow release fertilisers (250grams of each) -

Scotts Osmocote 3-4 month 16-9-12 and 5-6 month 15-9-12

Granular Boron was diluted at the rate of 1oz to 4 gallons (1 gallon was used per grid)

Sprinkling of rootgrow


Planting in ground

The plants were hardened off in a cold Keder tunnel (as above in the picture) for a week at the end of March. They were then planted into the ground and watered in. If growing outside, leave until all signs of frost have past and continue to pot up into larger pots in a greenhouse until you are ready to plant outside. Remember to harden off plants


Looking after the plants

Care was taken during the growing season for mildew and pests (caterpillars, whitefly, greenfly and leaf minory)

During the season, ensure that the beetroot plants never dry out as this is when they are susceptible to splitting and ultimately going rotten.

The beetroot was watered with magnesium and manganese about five times throughout the growing season. (packets of sequestrian plant tonic containing trace elements for amateur gardeners)

From Mid April, the plants are also watered weekly with Vitax 101/102


At the end of the growing season, the best beetroot is selected and since 1996, each year we have been re-selecting to produce the giant specimen we have above. We have limited quantities of beetroot seeds available for the 2012 growing season so grab yourself some of the World's most exclusive seeds ever to become available.

Beetroot producing seed heads

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