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How to Grow a Giant Carrot

Below is a picture of Ian Neale's 2013 Former UK Record Carrot weighing 8.61kg (18.81lb)



Below is a Carrot weighing just under 14lb and a few pictures from the CBS Filming that featured on 145 News Stations in the USA.  Find out below how to grow one to this size.




Towards the end of January, we sow giant carrot seeds into a mixture of coir and horticultural sand. We will also use a sieved peat based compost and mix this with horticultural sand.  We will use a 1 litre pot or a 2 litre AirRAP pot, fill this with the mixture, sow the seeds, add mycorrgiantveg and water in with a seaweed based product and propogate the seeds at around 65oF.  The seeds will be placed on a heated propogator and covered with an insulated material to aid the propogation.  The carrots will generally germinate in 10 to 14 days.



Check the carrots daily and as soon as you see the first true leaves emerge from teh compost, take off the cover.  They are typically left inside the Vitopod for around 3 weeks with bottom heat.  You need to prevent the main root from circling at the bottom of the pot so as soon as you see teh root at the base of the compost, it is time to transplant into the pipes and flower containers.

Planting on into Flower Pots and 4 inch Pipes