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How to Grow a Heavy Cucumber


Preparing the ground

The ground was rotovated and prepared with Vitax Q4 and a few handfuls of Blood Fish and Bone.  This took place a week before planting

A mound was created as cucumbers dont like wet roots.  The mound helps with the drainage.

Planting the seed

The cucumber seed was planted the beginning of May in a 3.5" pot at a temperature of 65-70 degrees.  It was planted in a mixture of compost and vermiculite

The seeds appeared in 7-10 days

The plants were kept in a heated greenhouse until the end of May.

Planting in the tunnel

The plants were planted in the tunnel, the first week of June.

Looking after the plants

A stake in the ground, with strong nylon string attached to a pole above will allow for the cucumber to grow vertically

Cucumbers need to be wound around the string.  Keep checking each day as they can grow up to 12"' in a day.

Take off all side shoots

Pollinating the cucumber

Pollinate the cucumber mid July or approximately 6-7 weeks before the show

Select the straightest cucumber



Supporting the cucumber


Recycle the wife or girlfriend's old tights and allow the cucumber to grow through the tights.  Support the top of the tights with string as the cucumber will grow up to 20lb



Pests and feeding

Cucumbers are also susceptible to magnesium deficiency so a plant tonic needs to be applied every week, both Foliar and watering around the roots.

Feed every week with a balanced fertiliser.  As the plant develops and the fruit begins to form, feed with a higher nitrogen feed.

Care needs to be taken to look out for bugs including aphids and red spider.  Also watch out for mildew on the leaves. You need to react quickly to avoid it spreading out of control.

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