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How Peter Glazebrook grew the world's largest carrot

In September 2014, Peter Glazebrook broke the world record for the largest carrot ever to be grown.  This record had stood since 1988. Find out below how he achieved this


In early January I Prepared 6no 4inch diameter plastic pipes measuring 15inches deep.  These were cut in half in half And taped back together.  The pipes were Filled with loam/peat/sand compost in equal quantities.

The pipes were placed upright inside my heated greenhouse in mid January.  I sowed 3 long carrot seeds in each end of January.  In March I thinned out the best plants in each pipe.



In Mid April I set up 6no half plastic barrels over sandy sub soil.  These were outside but under a fine mesh tunnel.  I placed an 8inch diameter pipe in centre and filled with very sandy soil + base fertilizer 6-11-18

On the 20th April, during milder weather I planted the smaller pipes into their final growing position.  The centre pipe was removed from barrel.  The tape was pulled off 4inch plant pipe and carefully lowered in hole, the pipe was lifted out and filled around with same compost.
Two barrels were given weather protection with larger clear plastic sleeves, others were covered with polythene during cold/frosty periods, this is were the TLC (tender loving care) comes in.

I only watered during dry spells with a high phosphate feed.  I applied slug pellets from the start.  I used insect predators against spider mite but this was less of a problem outside. I made sure mesh that the tunnel remained sealed to protect against carrot fly and willow aphid.


In July I changed watering feed to high potash.  We had a very hot spell in July with temperatures reaching over 30c +


On the 12th August I lifted one which had pushed up out of ground for first show this weighed 11lbs.  Unfortunately at the end of August one had run to seed. This was removed.  






On the 10th September I carefully lifted one with largest foliage – this was exhibited at the Harrogate Autumn Flower Show.  Incredibly, I achieved a new World Record weighing exactly 20lb (9.1kg)






I am very much looking forward to growing giant carrots in the new growing season.  I look forward to seeing you all at the many Giant Vegetable Shows throughout the UK.  I will impart my knowledge at these shows and on the Giant Vegetable Community Facebook Group Page