How To Grow A Giant Radish

Our heaviest radish weighed just over 8kg. Find out below how we did it.

The radish was grown in an unheated greenhouse.  A barrel was placed on top of a raised bed and this was filled with sand.

A 6″ pipe was used to core a hole into the sand.  This was then filled with a mix of vermiculite, perlite and multipurpose compost. Slow-release nutrients were added into the compost.

The radish was planted directly into the compost at the start of July.  Dependent on the weather conditions where you are located, it’ll take around 100 days for the radish to reach its full potential.

A base feed is incorporated into the mix and we use Instant Compost Tea every 7 days.

The radish was covered with enviromesh and watered through a reservoir linked to a PlantIT Timer and antelco dripper system

Be careful to avoid over watering as this will cause the radish to split and potentially the radish can rot very quickly.  As the plant grows, take away the yellowing leaves as these will cause the radish to rot from the centre. 

Below is a picture of our prize-winning radish at the Malvern Autumn Show

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