Dalefoot Compost

Peat Free Sheepswool Compost

Potash rich bracken forms the base for all Dalefoot’s Composts. They blend Herdwick Sheep’s wool into their Wool Composts for improved water retention and slow-release nitrogen. Below are a few examples of how we have utilised the compost.


We are growing blueberries in both an AirRAP and also a recycled Whiskey Barrel. Both have produced fruits without any additional feed

Runner Beans

Runner Beans are started off in Dalefoot Compost Seeds compost and they get off to a great start.

When transplanting into the ground we will add Double Strength Dalefoot Wool Compost into the planting hole as well as MycorrGiantveg


We also tried growing potatoes in the Dalefoot Compost this year. We had some good results

Giant Marrows

Under each leaf node, we line the marrow vine with Dalefoot Double Strength Wool Compost and this provides a steady flow of nitrogen and potash for Giant Success. We have achieved marrows weighing over 200 pounds using this technique.

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