Greenhouse Sensation

We have been using a number of systems for our growing from the guys at Greenhouse Sensation. Our recommended products include


Without a doubt, in our opinion and those of other growers, the Vitopod is the very best propagator on the market. It is the winning formula for propagation of seeds and bringing on young plants.


Grow bumper harvests of tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers and other tall cropping plants with the eco-friendly Quadgrow Self-Watering Planter! This self-watering planter is made from recycled plastic and keeps your plants automatically watered for up to 14 days, perfect whilst away on holiday!

Perfect for those who want to start growing their own food at home and become more self-sufficient. In the reservoir we added 3ml to a litre at the initial growth stage and then rose this to 8ml per litre at fruiting stage. It was also connected to a 90-litre reservoir and this topped up the base reservoir as and when required.

Harvesting in December

Quadgrow Veg Planter

The eco-friendly planter was a good selection for us as it has a positive impact on the environment by re-using water as it constantly feeds the plants for up to 2 weeks at a time. For us, it was the perfect way of becoming self-sufficient, growing bigger fruits so that the whole family could feast on one Tomato.

The planter has 4 pots each containing a FeederMat which pulls water up from the SmartReservoir to the plants exactly when they need it. This slow watering maintains perfect soil moisture. There’s no risk of soggy rotten roots and you raise bigger harvests of better tasting veg.

By pulling water up slowly the Quadgrow Root Veg ensures there are always airgaps in the soil, which fuels more productive growth. This helped to grow bigger, healthier plants that were more resistant to pests. Each pot holds holds up to 18 litres of compost and the reservoir holds up to 30 litres of nutrient. We added 3ml to a litre of Nutrigrow at the initial stages and this rose to 8ml a litre when the fruits had set. The system can be used for root veg such as potatoes and carrots with equally good results.

Below is the Nutrigrow that comes in both A and B formulations. Simply add water to the bottles and mix up a solution. Then simply add into the reservoirs. 3ml a litre to start and up to 8ml a litre when the plants are fruiting. It really is that simple.


A UK produced soilless planter that produces massive crops by keeping plants automatically watered.

How does it work?

It has a hidden reservoir and a pump which trickles oxygen rich water around the roots all day. What the plant does not need drains into the reservoir to be pumped around the roots again and again.

The Vivigrow comes with Nutrigrow Plant Food, which you mix with water to feed fill your tank. You refill this monthly to keep the nutrients balanced. You would then check the tanks pH (acidity of the water) weekly.

A pump, is that expensive?

Nope, it’s really energy efficient. The daily cost is less than boiling the kettle once. The Vivigrow itself is made to last at least 10 years!

So, why are crops bigger in a Vivigrow?

Because the Vivigrow provides a constant supply of oxygen-rich water and nutrients around the roots unrestricted by soil. It’s like having constant buffet access.

Why is oxygen important?

Roots need oxygen in order to absorb water and nutrients.

What’s that got to do with soil?

When we water pots or grow bags the oxygen in the soil is replaced with water, reducing the oxygen the roots can access.

Reduced oxygen = slower nutrient and water absorption and restricted growth.

Low oxygen can lead to blossom end rot, blossom-drop, splitting or leaf deficiencies etc. because plants can’t absorb nutrients properly. If we overwater a lot the roots rot and die!

The Vivigrow doesn’t have soil, roots always have access to a oxygen rich mix of water and nutrients – so the plants are always efficient at absorbing nutrients.

So if there’s no soil how do I plant-up?

We planted ours out from a pot of compost. Once grown to about 5 inches tall, place into the planter. You do not need to wash the soil off but don’t add any more soil.

How do the plants in a Vivigrow get nutrients?

Nutrigrow plant food contains all the nutrients and trace elements plants need. It only contains good, healthy ingredients and is a bit like us taking a vitamin pill. You simply add the feed to the reservoir.

Oxypot XL

This is a Deep-Water Culture system commonly known as DWC

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