Brinno TLC Timelapse Camera On The Giant Veg

Here’s an example of the Brinno TLC Timelapse Camera on the Giant Veg

Capture stunning HDR Time Lapse Videos with the push of a button! Set it and forget it, the TLC200 PRO creates the video instantly, no post processing required.

HDR Time Lapse Camera

The Brinno TLC200 PRO is built with a HDR ( High Dynamic Range: 115dB) image sensor making the creation of high quality Time Lapse Videos a snap! With Brinno ready-to-view technology, we give you a real Time Lapse Video, not thousands separate photos, no complicated post-processing! Even you can upload your time lapse video to Youtube or Vimeo immediately!

Stunning Low Light Capacity

The Brinno TLC200 PRO has ultra-big pixel size 4.2 µm, even in low light situations where other cameras miss details.
Stunningly simple to use, simply stunning results

Interchangeable Lenses

With the TLC200 Pro’s CS-mount interface, you can always choose a suitable lens for your needs.

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