Radio Day Launching Research For Scotts Miracle Grow

Over three-quarters (77%) of the UK’s plant, flower, fruit or vegetable-growers would like to grow bigger, healthier and more bountiful produce

o More than three million Brits are intimidated and discouraged by their neighbours or friends’ plant and vegetable growing efforts, and one in six have even bought vegetables and flowers from a shop and lied that they grew them from seed to impress and compete

o One in four (25%) of those who have concerns about growing giant plants and vegetables put it down to a lack of confidence, and one in five (20%) say it’s because they’re confused by products

o Over one in ten (11%) UK gardeners have attempted to grow prize-winning plants or vegetables

o Despite its benefits, less than one in five (17%) of the gardening population consistently use plant feed throughout the season, with 38% admitting to using water alone

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