Jersey Prison And NVS talka

It was a great opportunity to teach prisoners some tips on growing in a number of workshop sessions and a guided tour of the growing areas.

Here’s a selection of pictures from inside the Prison in Jersey as well as some of the prize winning exhibits from the prisoners. Thanks to Collete from the Jersey Evening Press who has kindly allowed us to re-use the pictures.

It was interesting learning about the ‘Rocket Composter’ where they recycle their waste and turn it into compost. The veg is grown organically and is grown to supply the kitchens with fresh produce. There’s some great work going on in relation to reducing re-offending and horticulture courses are offered. It’s amazing to see the benefits of growing giant veg and the impact this is having on prisoners overall health and wellbeing. Graeme Le Marquand helps to mentor new growers and along with others in Jersey is doing a great job in helping to increase the footfall for the Jersey Horticultural Show which takes place in October each year.

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