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Little Growers

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Welcome to our Little Growers Area

This area will be both an educational and fun place for children of all ages to visit.
Here you can learn the skills to help you to garden but also, how to grow the biggest vegetables in the world.

As a family, we have been growing for three generations and have a passion for inspiring and encouraging the younger generations, passing on our wealth of knowledge to you, the future gardener's. 

Gardening is about learning, having fun, experimenting and more importantly knowing where your food comes from. It's educational and helps to keep you fit too and more importantly gets family's connecting. 

If you need some inspiration, visit our Little Growers guides that are listed below. If your searching for some Giant Seeds visit www.giantvegseeds.com 

Guide 1 : How to Get Started

Guide 2 : How to Sow seeds

Guide 3 : How to water and feed plants 

Guide 4 : Pests and diseases

Guide 5 : Measuring 

If you would like to see video content, subscribe to our YouTube Channel where we will be posting some child friendly videos to inspire our future generations. 

For the Grown Ups, you can follow us on all of our social media platforms including, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pintrest 

For the Little Growers, please do ask your parents permission before signing and subscribing and most importantly stay safe online!

Happy Growing 

The Giant Veg Team!