Little Growers Learning In The Garden

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Our Top Tips For Little Growers

The Most Important Tip Make Sure You Have Fun
Invest In Some Mini Gardening Tools
Prepare To Get Messy
Choose Some Fast Growing Seeds Like Lettuce Or Radish
Stimulate Your Kids Senses In The Garden: Touch, Taste, Sound & Smell
Supervise Your Kids But Allow them To Make mistakes And Learn In Their Own Unique Way

Why is Gardening good for Children?

Gardening with children provides them with the skills to help improve their overall development.

Gardening is an excellent form of physical exercise as well as it being mentally stimulating. It helps to develop kids control skills, while they move from one place to the other carrying tools, soil/compost and water.

Gardening also allows kids to have family bonding time. It develops children’s skills in Science, Maths, Cooking, life skills and is truly intergenerational.

The Most Important Tip Make Sure You Have Fun

Gardening is a fun thing to do with kids and helps to create many different learning experiences.

Invest In Some Mini Gardening Tools

There’s lots of tools that are needed in the garden. The main tools for kids will be a fork, spade and a trowel.

Prepare To Get Messy

Gardening can be carried out in all weathers. Get their wellies on and let them make mud pies, get their hands dirty and experience helping out.

Choose Some Fast Growing Seeds Like Lettuce Or Radish

Kids love to plant and watch seeds grow. Fast growing seeds provide an opportunity for kids to engage and eat their harvests.

Stimulate Your Kids Senses In The Garden: Touch, Taste, Sound & Smell

There’s so many opportunities for learning in the garden. Encourage your kids to pick and taste their home grown produce and stimulate their senses.

Supervise Your Kids But Allow Them To Make Mistakes And Learn In Their Own Unique Way

Kids love to explore and find different challenges in the garden. Set them some tasks and always ensure that they are supervised when tools are being used.

Where to Start?

Gardening is an opportunity to chat with your kids about research and planning.

Give them their own space. Kids love to dig and get messy

Search the internet with your kids and Let them decide what they want to plant. This will provide them with an opportunity to learn how food is grown, maintained and prepared in the kitchen

When you have found your preferred area, let your Kids explore. Give them the opportunity to learn how to grow and allow them to sow the seeds, water them in and maintain the plants right the way through to harvest.

Setting a Challenge

Set about finding a challenge such as, the largest Radish in a pot or the tallest sunflower. There’s some great guides on the website to help get you started and you can even buy seeds from the very best genetics.

Harvest Time

At Harvest time, allow your children to sample what they have grown and create some healthy dishes for them to experience new things.

Collecting seeds

Plants and crops develop flowers from July onwards. A suggestion could be to allow a few to go to seed. Ours Kids have great fun popping open the pods and collecting the seeds for the next growing season. Perhaps you could even teach them how to design seed packets either on a computer or hand drawn ones?

Lastly, have fun along the way. If you make mistakes, learn from them and challenge yourselves in the next food production cycle.

Competitions & Grower Of The Year

We @ GiantVeg would like to encourage families and their children to grow giantveg and all other vegetables therefore we are creating an annual competition with multiple prizes.

We Will Start This Brand New Competition In 2022 !

Be sure to follow us on all our social media for updates and how to enter.

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