How Did Peter Glazebrook Grow The World’s largest Potato

How did Peter Glazebrook Grow the World’s largest Potato The worlds largest potato was grown in 2011 by Peter Glazebrook and it weighed in at 4.98kg (10.98 lb) Firstly at the middle of April, the seed potato is chitted and is potted up to grow on in the heated greenhouse, giving an early start. By […]

How Dan Mccoy Grew The fomer World’s Largest Tomato

How dan mccoy grew the former world’s largest tomato Below Dan describes in detail how he managed to grow the World’s Largest Tomato weighing 8.41lbs 1. How long have you been growing?  I have been growing for 4 years now. I started with giant pumpkins, then last year I started growing giant tomatoes. 2. What […]

How Paul Rochester Grew The World’s Largest Leek

How Paul Rochester Grew The Worlds Largest Leek 1. Where are you from? I’m from Seaham, County Durham 2. How long have you been growing leeks? I got into growing leeks 19 years ago when a local club started a leek show, I won nearly every class at the beginning of the shows. On one […]

How To Grow Giant Pumpkins In Small Spaces

How to grow giant pumpkins in small spaces by matthew oliver Let’s face it, here in the UK most of us have tiny postage stamp size back gardens, that are already full up with the shed, patio, lawn for the kids/dog, pond, greenhouse etc… The average 10 rod allotment (250sq meters) is only big enough […]

How To Grow A Giant Watermelon

How To grow a giant watermelon How to grow giant watermelon by former World Record Holder Ivan Bartol, Italy Ground Watermelons require loose soil and prefer soils rich in organic matter. A well-drained soil will help to avoid damaging water stagnation and promotes root development that will allow greater capillary action to provide nourishment to […]

How To Grow A Giant Onion

How to grow a giant onion Thanks to Nick Brake for his helpful grow guide Below is the way I grow my onions and it seems to work for me. In 2018, I grew an onion weighing just over 17lbs (18.4lbs with foliage) and won the World-Famous Harrogate Onion Championships. This is probably not the […]

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