When Should You Sow?

Fruits / Vegetables – When To Sow Beetroot January to March Cabbage November to January Carrot December to March Celery December / January Cucumber (Long and Heavy) Beginning of June Marrow Middle of May Melon End of May Onion November to January Pumpkin April to May Parsnip January to March Radish May to June Runner […]

What To Sow In February

What To Sow In February Nothing beats the taste of freshly grown fruit, vegetables and pot grown herbs grown in your own garden, or even on your windowsill. If you’re not sure where to start or what to grow, there’s some tips below to get you started Tomatoes Sown indoors in a heated propagator or […]

How To Grow A Giant Radish

How To Grow A Giant Radish Our heaviest radish weighed just over 8kg. Find out below how we did it. The radish was grown in an unheated greenhouse.  A barrel was placed on top of a raised bed and this was filled with sand. A 6″ pipe was used to core a hole into the sand.  This […]

How To Grow A Giant Pumpkin

How to grow a giant pumpkin Stuart and Ian Paton are undoubtedly the UK’s best growers of giant pumpkins. In 2020 they grew a pumpkin that weighed over 2500 pounds. If you ask 10 competitive pumpkin growers how to grow a giant pumpkin, you are likely to get 10 different answers. Each individual has their […]

How To Grow A Giant Marrow

Giant Marrow Growing Guide We have grown some of the Heaviest marrows ever and have come close to the World Record which currently stands at just over 206 pounds in weight. The seed originated from our Dad and we have developed the seed line over a number of generations. Below is a guide on how […]

How To Grow A Giant Celery

How To Grow A Giant Celery Because giant celery has such a long maturity time, giant celery needs to be planted at the beginning of January in a heated greenhouse The seeds are sown in either 3-inch pots or large module trays filled with a good quality seed compost such as Dalefoot Seed Compost. They […]

How to Grow a Giant Beetroot

How To Grow A Giant Beetroot Below is a picture of our World Record Breaking Giant Beetroot that weighed a colossal 23.995kg, just under 53 pounds in weight Read below to find out how we managed to achieve this record-breaking vegetable. Sowing Beetroot seeds are planted at the beginning of March in a heated greenhouse.  […]

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