Stiga Tools

Stiga Tools Stiga Tools (Overview of stiga tools here) Stiga Rotavator – (Product Name  To Replace This)  (Product Description) (Product Link) (Our Review) Stiga Handheld Hedge Trimmer – (Product Name  To Replace This)  (Product Description) (Product Link) (Our Review) Stiga Pole – (Product Name  To Replace This)  (Product Description) (Product Link) (Our Review)

Keder Greenhouse

Keder Greenhouse The specialist manufacturers of protected growing environments using the unique Kederbahn bubble plastic and rail system. This highly cost-effective alternative to traditional glasshouses is not only safer, and long lasting. It is also stronger and more durable than polytunnels Keder Greenhouse provide fully diffused light, no shadowing, warmth, and strength which can withstand […]

Greenhouse Sensation

Greenhouse Sensation We have been using a number of systems for our growing from the guys at Greenhouse Sensation. Our recommended products include Vitopod Without a doubt, in our opinion and those of other growers, the Vitopod is the very best propagator on the market. It is the winning formula for propagation of seeds and […]

Dalefoot Compost

Dalefoot Compost Peat Free Sheepswool Compost Potash rich bracken forms the base for all Dalefoot’s Composts. They blend Herdwick Sheep’s wool into their Wool Composts for improved water retention and slow-release nitrogen. Below are a few examples of how we have utilised the compost. Blueberries We are growing blueberries in both an AirRAP and also […]

Instant Compost Tea

Instant Compost Tea With Added Nano You may well have heard all of the talk around the Nano Technology. It’s even been used for fruit and vegetables that secured a Gold Medal at the 2017 Chelsea Flower Show. We have developed an exclusive product that is being used by growers throughout the world. The Instant […]


Mycorr Giant Veg Mycorrgiantveg and Instant Compost Tea with added Iron Nano are a winning combination and have been used to help to achieve more than 6 Guinness World Records and 6 German Records.  The main benefits of MycorrGiantVeg are that it is extremely beneficial to plants. It provides: Bigger Yields 100% Natural Ingredients Increased […]

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